Mahtomedi Fastpitch – FAQs

Commonly asked question are listed below.  If you have any additional questions, please contact any of the Mahtomedi Fastpitch Association Board members (http://mahtomedifastpitch.org/Page.asp?n=130971&org=MAHTOMEDIFASTPITCH.ORG )


What League do the Mahtomedi Fastpitch Association teams play in?

  • 8U: Centennial Lakes League – Comprised of team from Centennial, White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi

  • 10U & above: Tri –County Fastpitch (http://www.tricountyfastpitch.com/ )

When does the season start?

  • 8U: Practices in April, Games in early May

  • 10U: Practices in April, Games in early May

  • 12U: Practices in April, Games in early May

  • 14U & above: Practices in early May, Games in Mid-May

What day are games played?

  • 8U – Tues/Thurs

  • 10U – Tues/Thurs

  • 12U – Mon/Wed

  • 14U- Tues/Thurs

What time do games start?

  • All age groups start at 6:00 p.m.

Are all games double headers?

  • 8U: No

  • 10U & Above: Yes

How long are games?

  • 8U: 60 minute games

  • 10U & Above: 65 minutes or seven innings

Are there weekend Tournaments?

  • 8U:  There is an end of season playoff

  • 10U & Above: Teams generally participate in 2-3 tournaments as well as Tri-County League Qualifier and State Tournament.   Teams may qualify for National Tournament.